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Posted by jonwash - September 3rd, 2009

So it's been a while since I've visited Newgrounds, and it's been an even longer while since I submitted anything, so here's a quick update: EVERYTHING IS DEAD

Since my computer got stolen by chav bandits, I've lost all my recording equipment, Flash is gone, all the old episodes are gone, 7 brand new (and frankly awesome) episodes are lost forever, a full 20 minute episode, 3 hours of recordings, about 20 new scripts, templates, website files, everything vaguely related to Random Comic has gone. Forever.

So since then I haven't really done anything because not only do I not have flash, but I don't have the time and drive to bother starting everything from scratch again. Which is a shame because it was great fun, but I think it's best if I move on. I'm sure I'll be back one day when I'm less frustrated about losing everything. But until then, uh.. enjoy all the old stuff.

Posted by jonwash - November 13th, 2007

I was going to sit and reply to as many reviews as I could because I'm bored and nice like that, but I realised it was 1am and I'm up in 6 hours.
So I think I'll just address some thoughts people have had:

SOUND! Damn you sound! We recorded the three characters at completely seperate times and I found that the voice of the wife was filled to the brim with hums and such. I really struggled to keep the volume of the character up without too much distortion, which really hurt her voice. I'm still learning about mixing, sorry.
And the music; well I did spend a long time deciding on the music itself, which I don't think was a bad selection myself. But the fact that you couldn't hear the voices over the music at times is fair, again I'm not an expert when it comes to putting words and music together so I'll learn it eventually.

The style. Quite a few people got this at the exact right level of sarcasm and irony I had in mind, others thought it wasn't ridiculous enough, though I'm not sure how much more ridiculousness I could pull off without setting the whole thing in space. And a few people really looked into this a heck of a lot more than I wanted them to. I didn't sit down and decide to make a political statement or anything that realistic. That's not to say that it's not great you were able to read into it this much and pull such a wonderful amount of moral lessons and such out, it's just I don't want you to expect that same level of intricacy every time.
Which brings me onto the 'make more' section. I've decided I'm probably not going to make another one of these, not for a while. Not exactly like this one at least. I love these 50s american instructional videos but I think a) it could get tired quickly and b) you would NOT be able to read into these other 50s instructional videos like this one, and c) I don't really fancy it. I'm still thinking of things to do though. Blue Peter style children's program ripoff would be good, if not a bit too much like 'Look Around You' (which if you haven't seen, I recomend you do); or something like that. There're so many similar mediums that're ripe for parody. I'll find something.

Oh and finally, somebody referred to a fast show sketch. I had not seen that before, and can't actually name anything similar to what I made off the top of my head. I did sit and write that (with Tom M) without any outside influence, I'd rather die than steal something. Though there are undoubtably a million billion almost exact copies of this cartoon made before without my knowing.

And finally finally, Chauvinistic, Shovanistic, Potato, Potahto. I'm not changing my spelling in the description simply because that's how I submitted it.

And absolutely finally: Thanks Tom Fulp for the front page, that's the bestest thing ever and I suddenly love newgrounds a lot more. Awesome.

Posted by jonwash - November 4th, 2007

Wow you guys really like sexism don't you? Awesome.
I got somewhat of a "make more" vibe from the reviews of the latest 'toon, so I think there might well have to be a few more educational videos being thrust into the pipeline soon.
I'm not really sure what to do, there's a few ideas; The Art Of Dating maybe? I'm not sure, we'll see.

As for Colin and Dog's adventures, we still have a big episode being put together very slowly, it's pretty long and I'm praying that you ADHD newgrounders won't get bored and blam it like the judgemental bastards you are!
That episode's still a long way off though, what with uni and crap getting in the way, we want it to be perfect.

First news post! What a great way to make myself feel important.