Entry #3

The End

2009-09-03 10:01:04 by jonwash

So it's been a while since I've visited Newgrounds, and it's been an even longer while since I submitted anything, so here's a quick update: EVERYTHING IS DEAD

Since my computer got stolen by chav bandits, I've lost all my recording equipment, Flash is gone, all the old episodes are gone, 7 brand new (and frankly awesome) episodes are lost forever, a full 20 minute episode, 3 hours of recordings, about 20 new scripts, templates, website files, everything vaguely related to Random Comic has gone. Forever.

So since then I haven't really done anything because not only do I not have flash, but I don't have the time and drive to bother starting everything from scratch again. Which is a shame because it was great fun, but I think it's best if I move on. I'm sure I'll be back one day when I'm less frustrated about losing everything. But until then, uh.. enjoy all the old stuff.


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2009-09-03 10:56:24

Wow, shit, that sucks :(
My hard drive crapped up, and I lost all my photos/projects/files/flashes a few days ago too...


2009-09-03 12:27:42

damn man that sux. chavs and neds are what make scotland and england unbearable. hope the bastards get what they deserve!


2009-09-03 13:37:21

Your website domain is expired, too. :(


2009-09-03 14:47:30

its a blessing in disguise at times. sometimes its good to have a clean slate


2009-09-03 16:57:33



2009-09-03 16:57:48



2012-08-04 20:22:59

i remember i made a really cool flash that took a year, and my cpu registery went bad and i had to wipe my hard drive, i lost it forever, i feel ur pain